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The Video Transcoding

The Video Transcoding Challenge

Many OTT providers and broadcasters struggle to provide their customers with excellent video quality on all platforms and devices – from high resolution TVs and computer screens to tablets and mobile phones. The problem is that the media content has to be adapted to a large number of formats.

The modular WISI platform Inca 4400 allows for intelligent video streaming and linear as well as multi-bitrate video transcoding. It provides an easy way for network operators to optimise their transport streams and manage bandwidth efficiently. Inca is a vital support to all operators that wish to extend their offers towards multi-screen applications and services. The Inca transcoder makes it possible to adapt the format, resolution and bitrate of large numbers of live satellite, IP and off-air digital sources for delivery to set top boxes or multi-screen end devices.

Up to three modules can transcode, transrate or downscale up to 36 HD or 90 SD programs with the option to include integrated multiplexing and monitoring of all streams.