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About Us


C.R NO. 4030211996

For more than 35 years, GIANT SYSTEMS continues the glory of BAKHASHWAIN Est. which has been devoted to the field of Saudi Arabian Communications and Security Systems. Also, we have launched our line of products the highest quality standard and have been tested and certify by SASO.

We are proud to say that hundreds of well known, large scale communication projects and thousands of small & medium scale projects have already been executed by us throughout the Kingdom and outside the Kingdom with perfection.

Our reputation in the market of Communication and Security Systems is unsurpassed. Besides our direct sales through showrooms, our Engineering Teams design and submit proposals to consultants, contractors and establishments during a project’s bidding period. We supply the equipment to various Governmental authorities, especially ministerial sector, banks, factories and commercial sector.

In addition, we provide annual service contracts for maintenance of communication and security systems in shopping complexes, hotels and residential compounds.

Besides our head office in Jeddah, we have additional branches in the central and eastern provinces of the Kingdom equipped with well-designed showrooms and workshops.

We offer following Service to our Clients:
* Engineering and Technical Consultation
* Design and Technical Supervision
* Supply, Installation and Operation.
* Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance.
* After Sales Services.

We have committed and dedicated staff in each of our Centers and Branches and all of them are quite experienced in providing the best service to our customers. In each of our centers and branches, our team consists of experienced engineers and efficient technicians who are experts at designing & executing all communication and security system projects.

We represent well known International Communication and Security Systems Manufacturers as the sole agent for their products, and intend to negotiate with other international firms for their product dealerships in Saudi Arabia.

We are the authorized security and communication system supplier to most of the government departments of Saudi Arabia.

We are quite sure that the secret to our success is not only our company’s efficiency but also our devotion to keep the trust of our thousands of our loyal customers.
We hope the above brief information will give a clear understanding of GIANT Systems (BAKHAHSWAIN) and its groups.

* For any further information please feel free to contact any of our Centers or Branches. (PRESS HERE)