Coaxial Cable

The right cable for each installation

  • Screening factor Class A++, A+ and A
  • Halogen free coaxial cable
  • Solid copper inner conductor
  • PE coating for wet rooms or outside installation
  • Length indication at the outer sheath
  • Bonded outer foil for easy connector assembly
  • Approved by Vodafone Kabel Deutschland
  • EU Construction Products Regulation (CPR) compliant

WISI MK coaxial cable

With the WISI MK coaxial cables, you have the suitable cable available for every project. From satellite reception systems with a few subscribers up to extensive cable TV networks in cities, the powerful characteristics fulfil the highest quality standards. In addition to the 6.8 mm coaxial cables, WISI also offers a halogen free variant for installation in projects with specific safety requirements, as well as a special PE coated 10.3 mm coaxial cable for use in wet rooms, and a 5.0 mm coaxial cable for installations where there is limited space. All WISI coaxial cables fulfil the fire protection requirements according to EU Construction Products Regulation (Nr. 305/2011), and are marked in accordance with EN 50575. All cables are fire tested to improve building security.

Perfect electrical values complete the characteristics of the coaxial cables. A solid copper inner conductor is used to ensure the highest operational reliability and the best electrical performance. Thanks to the close triple shielding, screening efficiency can reach >125 dB, and the risk of LTE/4G influence is minimised. Available for each cable is a selection of compression, crimp and screw connectors, as well as various adapters. The bonded outer foil enables a simple connector assembly.

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