Feed Systems

For satellite reception

  • For 1, 2 or 4 set-top boxes (receiver connectors)
  • UV-resistant housing in light grey
  • Extendable weather protection cap
  • High amplification of satellite signals
  • Highest linearity over the entire frequency spectrum
  • Low power consumption
  • 4G/LTE safe
  • Very low noise figure

A suitable LNB for every application

Satellite feed systems (LNBs) are an essential component of reception systems, regardless of whether it is a single-family house with a small multiswitch solution or a MDU (multi dwelling unit) with a headend system. The parabolic antenna and the feed system form the basis for the signal quality, so the use of high-quality and durable components is particularly important. As a replacement for the successful OC 0x D feed systems, WISI now offers the mechanically and electrically optimised OC 0x E-types.

These are available in four variants:

  • Single LNB OC 01 E
  • Twin LNB OC 02 E
  • Quad LNB OC 06 E
  • Quattro LNB OC 04 E

A suitable LNB for every application

Thanks to their high-quality components, the OC 0x E feed systems have a low noise figure coupled with high linearity across the entire frequency spectrum. The PLL control also ensures very high-frequency stability and protects against reception problems.

The support of the latest modulation method DVB-S2X as well as the current standards DVB-S2 and DVB-S is a given. This ensures long-term reception of SD, HD, 4k/UHD and 3D. The OC0xE LNBs can also be used for Magenta TV Sat and comparable technologies.

Die Satelliten- und terrestrischen Empfangsgeräte müssen gegen den stetig wachsenden Einfluss des Mobilfunks geschützt werden. Speziell 4G/LTE-Signale können in das Verteilnetz eindringen und Störungen an den Empfangsgeräten verursachen. Das hochgeschirmte Gehäuse der OC0xE-LNBs schützt vor dieser Störeinstrahlung und die präzisen F-Anschlüsse ermöglichen eine ideale mechanische und elektrische Verbindung mit den nachfolgenden Koaxialkabeln.

The high-quality and robust UV-resistant plastic housing offers a high level of protection for the internal components, thus ensuring a long service life. This is particularly important for feed systems, as the installation location is predominantly difficult to access. The housing of the OC 0x E feed systems is colour-coordinated with the WISI parabolic antennas. The LNB housing body is made of plastic in light grey (RAL 7035) and the extendible weather protection cap is basalt grey (RAL 7012).

The extendable weather protection cap covers the F-connectors of the connected coaxial cables, thus effectively protecting them from splash water.

The OC 04 E quattro feed system has four colour-coded RF outputs, making the installation of subsequent multi-switches very easy. The SAT inputs of the multiswitches reflect the colours of the individual polarisation levels.


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