High-Density Optical Platform for FTTx and HFC

  • Full modular concept allows every applications mix
  • Reduced maintenance time by module replacement during operation
  • Passive backplate reduces maintenance outages
  • Dust-free passive cooling prolongs module lifetime
  • Advanced management features for easy installation and operation
  • Integrated WDM filters in the modules save space, money and time
  • Redundant power supplies guarantee system availability

Fit more in less space and reduce operational costs

The Optopus platform needs less space compared to other products. The 14 slots of the LX 50 base unit can be fully equipped with high-density dual transmitters, allowing 28 different downstream segments from one single chassis. In turn, this reduces the cost of deployment, sparing and rack space lease. Combined with an extremely low power consumption, the Optopus has very low operational costs.

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Reduce outages caused by maintenance

The cooling and ventilation system of the Optopus is designed to prolong the operating lifetime of the modules. For instance, the equipment uses a passive cooling without active fans or ventilation holes in the modules. Also, the passive backplate system allows for exchange of modules during operation without re-cabling. The system thereby significantly reduces maintenance outages.

Flexibility, easy management and monitoring

The modular concept of the Optopus platform allows for every possible application combination in a single system. Not only does the system offer comprehensive local and remote monitoring features for each module, but supervision and operation is also realised using state-of-the-art SNMP features and/or a web interface.

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